Creation through destruction.

MAi is trapped within the six walls of his own creation, and in order to be set free, he must remember...
"there's nothing to fear in a WORLD you create"
Listen to  the first 7 song album "WORLD 1" below
i made a playable Gameboy game about WORLD 1
MAi is trapped in MAiWORLD, and the only way out is reclaim each of the 7 sacred shapes. Each shape representing a different perspective of MAi mind that must be defeated in order to be reclaimed; so remember...

there's nothing to fear in a WORLD you create

When i first thought to release music as MAi, i had the idea of the character of a video game trying to break out of the WORLD in which he created. i was honestly afraid of releasing the music i had created, and the process of doing so was me "reclaiming" the shapes. Each song represented a shape (a perspective), created from an experience that i was unwilling to fully accept or share; but by releasing each song, i take back the power of MAiWORLD.

Each song represented by an experienceable level to be beaten and a shape to be collected, the first game is essentially a demo of what MAiWORLD is really aiming to become long term: A cross between music and an experienceable WORLD/game based around each project.

The shapes will appear in every project/WORLD in some fashion. *One-off songs/random drops, may not include the shapes tho.

play the game by collecting a GOLD 1/1 on catalog or an edition via a manifold contract of lyric video versions of the first 8 songs from the first project, PROLOGUE | WORLD 1.
WORLD 1 collectibles / collectors
the rarest and most coveted collectible of MAiWORLD are the GOLD 1/1's (editions below)
WORLD 1 EDiTiONS (via Manifold)