Live from THE KiTCHENA live stream series w/ MAiWORLD and Mighty33 cooking up musical meals (beats/songs) and minting them LIVE during each show.
listen to the live creations of THE KiTCHEN below
What is Live from THE KiTCHEN?
A brand-new live stream series where head chefs MAiWORLD and Mighty33 create music from scratch and mint it during each episode.   
When is the show?
Tuesday's starting at 3pm EST
Where is the show?
The show takes place  in the Tokensmart discord's 'LIVE EVENT' channel.  

link to Tokensmart: https://discord.gg/nft
Who are the head chefs?
MAiWORLD and Mighty33 are the main chef's of the show, and guest chefs may also be invited on to help cook the latest dish (beat/song).
Can the audience help create the music/art?
The audience members do have opportunities to influence the live creation.  The audience is asked for input throughout the show's progress.  

For example: the chefs may ask for a tempo/key to start off at the beginning.  or maybe what instrument should start the beat/song or even an opportunity to send in samples.
How can I collect/mint?
After the song/beat has been completed and minted, we create an OPEN EDITION mint period for the entire week leading up to the next episode.  

So, you have 1 week to mint your dish, and afterwards, you will have to bid/collect via the secondary market.

secondary market: https://opensea.io/collection/livefromthekitchen
How long will the show go for?
THE KiTCHEN will be broken up by Seasons. Each Season will have 7 Episodes.

Season 1 is scheduled to conclude at the end of November the 29th.

Season 2 will begin at the beginning of 2023... get excited.
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